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WordPress is a way to start blogging. It is a hosted version of the WordPress blogging tool that is available on WordPress.Org.
This website hosting service, started by Lycos in 1995, offers various option levels, including a basic free service. Angelfire is especially popular with teenagers. Website visitors can browse blog sites by category.
The Microsoft Developer Network blogging site. Here users and developers can post information and ask questions about the software.
Automattic began in 2005. Its most well-known product is WordPress which is an open-source blogging site. WordPress is noted for its ease of use. The website provides information about signing up for WordPress and assistance in setting up a blog.
TypePad is a blogging service for professionals that hosts many of the world's most popular blogs and business websites. TypePad is easy to use, and there is a free trial. Users can keep their domain names.
WordPress, founded in 2003, is a self-hosted blogging tool. It is an open-source project and can be downloaded for free. The website contains information about WordPress, how to use it, and how to download it.
Xanga is a blogging site founded in 1998 as a site for sharing music and book reviews. Today it is used mostly by teenagers who must first register.
Adobe Blogs
This is a website where people interested in ideas, products, and issues connected to Adobe software can post and read blogs.
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog
News about crawling and indexing sites for the Google Index. This site provides information about how the Google webmaster can contact users by notification on the Google Webmaster console. The Webmaster can communicate in many languages.
Geeklog, founded around 2000, offers an open-source weblog program. Users may have to add some components to their systems in order to use the program which is, otherwise, easy to use.
Live Journal
Live Journal, begun in 1999 and based in San Francisco, is an online journal service with an emphasis on user interaction. The basic service is free; users who pay receive premium features style choices, userpics, links, and more.
Movable Type Publishing Platform
Movable Type, founded in 2001, is a publishing platform designed to meet the website content management needs of growing organizations and to serve as a social media platform for creating community-driven blogs and communities.
MySpace is a free online community that lets user's friends meet each other. MySpace blog owners must invite other bloggers into their personal network, thereby keeping the site somewhat safe.
Technorati searches, surfaces, and organizes blogs and social media on the Internet. Users can search for videos, photos, blogs and more by searching for subjects, top blogs, favorite searches, the most popular, WTFs, and more.
YouTube was founded in 2005 and is already the leader in online video. It allows people to upload and share video clips. YouTube was purchased with a year of its launch by Google. YouTube is free; users can sign up on the website.

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