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The Microsoft Developer Network blogging site. Here users and developers can post information and ask questions about the software.
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog
News about crawling and indexing sites for the Google Index. This site provides information about how the Google webmaster can contact users by notification on the Google Webmaster console. The Webmaster can communicate in many languages.
WordPress is a way to start blogging. It is a hosted version of the WordPress blogging tool that is available on WordPress.Org.
This website hosting service, started by Lycos in 1995, offers various option levels, including a basic free service. Angelfire is especially popular with teenagers. Website visitors can browse blog sites by category.
Google Book Search
On this site the user can search any title to find out more information about a book and how to obtain it.
Automattic began in 2005. Its most well-known product is WordPress which is an open-source blogging site. WordPress is noted for its ease of use. The website provides information about signing up for WordPress and assistance in setting up a blog.
Design Observer
Design Observer was founded in 2003. It is basically a blog to which contributors submit articles on design and culture and bloggers add their comments and discussions.
FeedBurner provides media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeders. Their tools help bloggers, podcasters, and commercial publishers promote, deliver, and profit from their content on the web.
Firefox, a web browser, is produced and disseminated by Mozilla, a non-profit company that offers all its products for free.
Indeed, founded in 2004, is a search engine for jobs. One search gives jobseekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. Employers can also post jobs on Indeed. There are links to job trends and salaries.
Invision Power Services
Invision Power Services produces and sells software for businesses and communities.
Movable Type Publishing Platform
Movable Type, founded in 2001, is a publishing platform designed to meet the website content management needs of growing organizations and to serve as a social media platform for creating community-driven blogs and communities.
MySpace is a free online community that lets user's friends meet each other. MySpace blog owners must invite other bloggers into their personal network, thereby keeping the site somewhat safe.
NetApp Data Storage Solutions
NetApp stands for Network Appliance. It was founded in 1992 and is located in California. The website describes all of NetApp's products, solutions, and services, plus information about the company, news, and events.
Netvibes, founded in 2005, personalizes the startpage, an alternative to traditional web portals.
Network Solutions
The original domain names registrar, Network Solutions, founded in 1993, also offers web hosting, web design, E-commerce, web site promotion and more.
Salon Media Group is an Internet media company that produces 7 original content sections as well as two online communities—Table Talk and The Well. Salon.

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