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CIO began in 1987 with CIO magazine. Its current portfolio of properties is designed to provide technology and business leaders with insight and analysis on information technology trends and an understanding of ITs role in achieving business goals.
Information Technology Industry Council
The ITIC is the premier group of the nation's high-tech companies and a tech industry lobbying organization in Washington and around the world. It began in 1916 as an association of office equipment manufacturers.
Make: Technology on Your Time
Make is a hybrid magazine/book (a Mook) published quarterly that brings the do-it-yourself mindset to technology. Make is a product of O'Reilly which also publishes the Hack Book series.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the top schools of science and technology in the world. It also houses the Sloan School of Management and a School of Architecture and City Planning.
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Founded in 1901, NIST is a federal agency within the United States Commerce Department.
Stevens Institute of Technology
Stevens Institute is located in Hoboken, New Jersey and was founded in 1870. It offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in four schools: Engineering and Science; Technology Management; Systems & Enterprises; and Arts & Sciences.
TechWeb, the Business Technology Network
This is an IT professional online resource for news coverage of the IT industry. Users are often technology-savvy professionals who are involved in making decisions about purchases for their companies.
Fashion Institute of Technology
Located on Fashion Avenue in New York City, this public institution of higher learning offers a diverse set of courses in fashion design, fine arts, packaging, and computer animation.
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Tech, located in Atlanta, was founded in 1885. In 1961, it was the first university in the Deep South to admit African-American students without a court order.
IET: Institution of Engineering and Technology
The largest professional engineering society in Europe, with over 150,000 members worldwide.
CNET provides Technology product reviews, price comparisons, and other information about technology tools.
Ars Technica
Ars Technica translates as the Art of Technology. This website provides up-to-date news, reviews, analysis, and expert advice about all things having to do with modern technology.
O'Reilly Media
The O'Reilly Media Company seeks to report on the leading edge of technology developments. The company publishes books with a distinctive animal woodcut on the cover. O'Reilly also organizes conferences on computer technology issues.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ORNL is a research and technology Laboratory under the auspices of the Department of Energy. It is located in Oak Ridge, Tenn. as part of the Manhattan Project in 1943. There are 1500 scientists working there and 3000 guest researchers every year.
Red Herring
Red Herring was originally a magazine that began in 1993 in California. The website was launched in 2003. The mission of Red Herring is to cover innovation, technology, financing and entrepreneurial activity.
TechTarget publishes integrated media that enable IT marketers to research targeted communities of IT professionals and executives in all phases of the technology decision-making and purchase process.
Unisys began with the Remington typewriter in 1873. Today it is a major provider of expertise in consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, infrastructure, and server technology.
Wired is the website for Wired Magazine, which calls itself the first word on how technology is changing our world. Wired Magazine has been published since 1993.
The IEEE has over 365,000 members worldwide. They are scientists, engineers, and allied professions.
Juniper Networks
Juniper, founded in 1996 and located in California, is a major IT company. They produce networking platforms and security products. All the products are designed to enhance user productivity.

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