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Free Downloads Center
This site provides, as it is called, free downloads to over 30,000 software titles. The website lists the titles by type of software, theme, also games, reviews, news about products, and a list of popular items.
This website hosting service, started by Lycos in 1995, offers various option levels, including a basic free service. Angelfire is especially popular with teenagers. Website visitors can browse blog sites by category.
This website is the major source for downloads to Apple iPods, Macs, iPhones, and other Apple products. The site also contains information about all Apple products, including how to purchase refurbished iPods and other products.
AOL Music
This is the America Online site for music. Here users can find information about artists, see music videos, listen to songs, get news about the music world, Internet radio, free downloads, and more. Users do not have to be AOL members.
3D Total
This venerable 3D resource website includes 2D and 3D image galleries and forums as well as tutorials and texture downloads.
Accessify - Home of the Accessibility Toolset
Accessify means to make assessable. This is a free online resource about accessibility with articles, books, and downloads to tools such as a pop-up window generator , a yes/no list maker, and much more.
Accessify Forum
Accessify is a website that makes available free downloads that help make a user's website more accessible. The Forum is a partner site that provides a place for users to discuss issues related to web site content.
Gamesville (Wasting Your Time Since 1996) is part of Lycos. There are free downloads, Top Five Online Games, Bingo and Casino, Card Games, Puzzles, Solitaire, Word and Board Games, Games for money, and more.
GetRight is a download manager to help you download files from the Internet. It features download resuming, accelerating, scheduling, and more. This software solves the problem of losing a large file as it downloads.
Invision Power Services
Invision Power Services produces and sells software for businesses and communities.
PC Magazine
PC Magazine contains authoritative, labs-based comparative reviews of computing and Internet products to more than 6.6 million technology buyers. The magazine is published 22 times a year and users can subscribe on this website.
Rhapsody and RealPlayer
This is an online music site that competes with itunes. It is a source for downloading music to MP3 players and iPods. The website provides information about subscribing and has offers for free downloads of music and videos.
Rhapsody is a membership-based music service that gives users unlimited access to a catalog of millions of full-length, CD quality tracks.
On this website, users can search for shareware programs and free software downloads. Users can search by platform and browse by category. The site also lists news of the latest programs to download.
StatCounter is a free invisible web tracker. The user downloads a simple code on the website, and the site will keep track of all kinds of statistics, such as number of visits, key word activity, visitor paths, and more.
Symantec Corporation
Symantec, founded in 1982, is located in Cupertino, California. Symantec is known for the Norton Antivirus and other Internet security programs.
The Weather Channel
This is the website for the Weather Channel. On it, users can find local weather or check the weather for other locations.
Winamp is a media player written by Nullsoft, a subsidiary of Time Warner. It is the second most widely used media player, second to Windows Media Player.
YaBB Forum
YaBB, begun in 2000, is a free, open-source community forum system (bulletin board, message board) written in Perl.
ZDNet was originally developed by the Ziff-Davis Corporation in the early 1990s. It was acquired by CNET in 2000. ZDNet provides Tech News, Blogs and White Papers for IT professionals. Also on the website are downloads and reviews of products.

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