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City of Atlanta
Learn about the Atlanta, Georgia city government, including its city council as well as its departments and agencies.
City of Detroit
The official website for the City of Detroit features information about city departments, elected officials, and services for residents, businesses, and visitors.
City of El Paso, Texas
Read about the El Paso city government, and browse the information about its services, departments, and elected officials. Learn about visiting and living in the El Paso, Texas area.
City of Fresno
The official municipal site for Fresno, California offers online information about city services, departments, administration, events, and the community. Find online services and forms for businesses, residents, and visitors.
City of Los Angeles
The official web site for the City of Los Angeles has information about city departments and services for residents and businesses, as well as recreation and tourism information.
City of Milwaukee
This official web site for the City of Milwaukee has information about city departments and operations. Learn about services offered to residents, visitors, and business owners in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
City of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Learn about Minneapolis city government operations and departments at the official City of Minneapolis web site. Find a variety of services for Minneapolis residents, businesses, and visitors.
City of Omaha
Browse the Welcome to Omaha web site to learn about city government departments and operations, as well as the services and employment opportunities offered by the City of Omaha, Nebraska.
City of Mesa
Mesa is located in Maricopa County, Arizona. Visit the city's official web site to learn about their online services, city services, departments, and community links.
City of New Orleans
Learn about the New Orleans city government and its departments, agencies, and operations. Read about the hurricane recovery efforts and find information about services for New Orleans, Louisiana residents, visitors, and businesses.
City of Tulsa Online
Read about the Tulsa city government departments and community services. This Municipal Government site includes information about problem reporting, public safety, employment, and culture/recreation.
Carnegie Mellon University
CMU, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a private University with 10,000 students and 4,000 faculty. It was established in 1900 and named for Andrew Carnegie, the philanthropist who came from Pittsburgh.
City of Dallas
This official Dallas City web portal has information about elected officials, city services, and government departments. Read about the Dallas city government, and learn about visiting and living in Dallas, Texas.
District of Columbia
Learn about Washington, DC government operations, services, and departments. Whether you are visiting, living, working, or doing business in DC, you will find extensive information resources about the District of Columbia on this site.
City of Fort Worth
The official city government web site of Fort Worth features information about city services for business, residents, and visitors. Learn about the Fort Worth, Texas municipal government departments and online services.
Government Executive is government's business news daily and a premier website for federal managers and executives. Its mission is to cover the business of the federal government and its departments and agencies.
City and County of Honolulu
The official web site of Honolulu features information about city agencies and departments for businesses, residents, seniors, visitors, and kids. Read about the Honolulu, Hawaii city and county government and its on-line services.
State of Indiana
The capital city of Indiana is Indianapolis. Learn about the Indiana state government, including its departments and operations. Find Indiana travel and tourism information, and read about living and working in the Hoosier State. - Indianapolis and Marion County
The official city government web site of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana features information about its operations and its services for businesses, residents, and visitors. Learn about the Indianapolis government departments and agencies.

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